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About Us...

Who we are...

We provide support with whatever difficulties you are facing.
We are an available, affordable and reliable team of qualified counsellors who are committed to beginning your counselling within one week of contacting us.

We Promise:

  • To offer a free no-obligation initial assessment

  • To offer you one of our counsellors within a week

  • To offer individualised therapy, personal to you

  • To see you while you remain on an NHS waiting list

  • To work with the most vulnerable

  • To provide fully accessible premises

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Our History...

We want everyone to fulfil their true potential...

Breakfree Counselling services was created to provide a prompt and affordable service to help everyone in times of emotional need. We have experienced the powerful and transformative benefit of counselling and so set out to deliver this experience to those accessing counselling, so that others can actualise their true potential, while healing heavy burdons.

We are here whenever you need us. We are available 7am until 11pm every day.

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Our Mission...

Dare to feel better...

"To be here whenever you need us.
You will not be ignored.
You will not be judged.
We will listen.
We will help

All of our Counsellors are member of the National Counselling Society or the Bacp.
We provide counselling and psychotherapy, with a diverse and integrative therapeutic approach, drawing skills from many schools of psychotherapy, ensuring that therapy is personalised to the individual, couples, groups or organisations. We offer short, medium and long-term counselling therapy.


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Our Vision...

Safety and integrity...

Our vision is to create a safe, compassionate and caring environment where clients can make empowered decisions about their lives.  We aim to alleviate symptoms of personal distress and suffering, while increasing personal resilience.  We are committed to protecting the safety of clients and ensuring the integrity of the counsellor – client relationship.

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How We Support...

Authentic, accessible and affordable...

“People want to be fixed, but our job is about helping people learn to fix themselves.”

We work with both private clients on a one-to-one basis, and also with
larger organisations like schools. We’re passionate about making it feel normal and a positive step for people to get support, and so we wanted to take our unique brand of therapy out to the places where lots of people are. The more people see support like ours available in their workplace, the more likely they will be open to accessing support when they need it.
The reason Breakfree Counselling is so effective in these larger spaces is that we provide the same flexible, personalised approach as we do for private clients. We deliver exactly what is wanted. We meet their needs, rather than trying to impose any one approach. And we remain authentic, accessible and affordable.


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People, Inclusion & Learning...

To be inclusive, open and evolving...

Our ethos is respecting and valuing clients and staff in a non-judgmental and accepting way. We are compassionate and strive to ensure clients experience empathy and understanding. 

We are motivated by our moral belief in fundamental multicultural competency, everything we do is driven by our passion to promote equal opportunities and reach out, be accessible and to understand everyone who may need our services.

We are committed to continuous training, research and evaluation to improve our understanding about emotional support and developing our practice, often through seminars and lectures with some of the worlds leading researchers in counselling and psychotherapy. We also engage regularly in certified training courses, based on the most contemporary psychotherapeutic research. All counsellors and placement counsellors receive monthly supervision as mandatory so that our clients recieve the highest standard of therapy possible.


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